Ameshin – Incredible Amezaiku Candy Candy

IMG_2357IMG_2365IMG_2369Super backlog post but I know I had to post about this really interesting experience.

Do you know ame shokunin, or candy artisan?

There are now less than 50 of such amezaiku artists in the whole of Japan.

IMG_2404Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 17.42.40 Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 17.42.49 Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 17.42.58Shinri Tezuka is such a ame shokunin, and the owner of an artisan candy shop called Ameshin in the Asakusa area of Tokyo and at Tokyo Skytree.

He crafts incredible and realistic candy characters using a 1300-year old traditional art called Amezaiku since Edo period, a method in which a mix of sugar, water and starch is sculpted, shaped, colored and hardened.

IMG_2362 IMG_2363

Candy making in Tokyo in the Edo period, was also a form of street performance.

I urge you to check out this amazing tradition, and its incredible that Tezuka san is keeping the tradition alive in his candy studios, his products are for sale and he carries out demonstrations and hands on classes. Note that his candy is only for sale at Tokyo Skytree outlet.

I was really excited and booked a workshop session at his Asakusa store.

When Tezuka san demonstrated to us how to make the rabbit candy, he made it look super easy! It was actually quite challenging.

The sugar is really very hot but yet one cannot take your time to sculpt the candy as it will cool down and harden. But don’t worry, he is very patient and will guide you along.

Check out my final creation. FullSizeRender (1)

Tezuka san also skillfully demonstrated the making of goldfish candy for us, he did it so fast it was jaw dropping.  IMG_2401 (1)IMG_2410

IMG_2427The candy is first soften by heating up to degree 90 ℃, using the traditional method of a single scissors grip with bare hands, he sculpts the candy into astoundingly detailed designs.

If you love tradition art form, do pop by his Ameshin store and see all the astoundingly realistic candy animals.

Store Information 


Ameshin (Asakusa) * For workshop and demo only, no sales of candy

Address: 1F 1-4-3 Imado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0024

(Japanese) 〒111-0024 東京都台東区今戸1-4-3 1F

Hours: 11:00~18:00, Closed on Thursday.

Ameshin (Tokyo Skytree) * For demo and sales of Amezaiku 

Address: 4F, TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045

Hours: 10:00~21:00, Open Everyday.