Beauty and the Beast Bento

Beauty and the Beast Bento (2)Beauty and the Beast Bento.

I am sure many are familiar with this well known French fairytale, Beauty and the Beast.

Popularised by Disney animation remake in 1991 based on this classic fairytale, as well as several other television/films spin offs.

Continuing my fairytale bento series, I decided to make this Beauty and the Beast bento.Beauty and the Beast Bento (3)

In the story, Belle (the head strong village girl) ends up falling in love with the Beast, who is actually a prince fallen under a spell. Their true love transforms the Beast back to his original self and of course… they lived happily ever after :D

In the Disney animation, I fondly remembered some of the other characters including  Lumière the candlestick, Cogsworth the clock, Mrs. Potts the teapot, and her son Chip the teacup.

They were actually all the prince’s servants, also fallen under the spell and transformed into household objects.

I did not have time to make so many characters, so I only made Cogsworth the clock. Cogsworth is actually minced meat patty with its details added on using slice cheddar cheese and seaweed.

To represent Mrs Potts the teapot and her son, I used little rement pieces to decorate the bento.

Belle (Beauty) and the prince (beast) were mainly made out of riceball, with details added on including egg sheet (for hair, beard etc), seaweed (eyes, mouth), pink kamaboko (cheeks), seaweed and cheese (horns). Beauty and the Beast Bento (1)

Bento side dishes included sautéed French beans with carrots, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. I also cooked a pot of black chicken herbal soup (not pictured) to pack along for a wholesome lunch.

Packed today’s Beauty and the Beast bento in my magewappa box from Bento & co. The smaller bento box is from Afternoon Tea Japan.

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