Bukubuku Bento and Japanese Sweets Collection Fair at Isetan

Today’s bento character is Bukubuku, this super cute super mascot for the Japanese Sweets Collection. 

“Bukubuku” are actually cream fairies and can only be seen by children (woo hoo~~ I am feeling young LOL). Bukubuku has 5 members in his family. They are: Bukubuku Papa, Mama, Bukulina the little sister, and Bubbu the little brother. Bukubuku can freely change their shape since their bodies are actually cream.. how cute is that?!?!

Bukubuku in this bento was made from rice and seaweed. The face, arms and leg portion is also rice which I colored a little using some ketchup and soy sauce. I also made some tamagoyaki egg rolls with strawberry prints! I added the cream bento picks, cute combination right? I even made a ice-cream, supposed to look like the Gelato ice-cream from MILKISSIMO. Read more below. 

Remember my posting on Wednesday about the Japanese Sweets Collection event in Singapore at Isetan Jurong East?

Thanks to Jeki for their kind invitation, there was a media session organised for bloggers like us to attend this super lovely event. Japanese sweets!! Hehehe super love.  

I also met Bukubuku mascot!!! (so super cute). Bukubuku wants to show you the event highlights~and some of my favorite and recommended sweets at the event! 

Watch my video  or read more below! (Gosh… I bought so many sweets from the event :P).

Have fun! Remember! Last day of the event is 23 March 2014

Japanese Sweets Collection
14 to 23 March 2014
Isetan Jurong East @ Westgate Supermarket B2
Facebook Page (here)

My favorite and recommended sweets are:
(in no order of preference)

1. Crunch Sugar Danish Bar from danish bar. These Danish bars are amazing, it is so crispy on the outside and so chewy and soft on the inside. The buttery bread dough is so enjoyable. 

The sugar crunch outside is also very yummy gives a nice constrast in texture. The danish bars feels like a cross between bread and pastry! 

I had some fresh on the spot (AWESOME). I also bought a L size box back, and had it when it was cold the following day afternoon, it still tasted very yummy!

L size (4 danish bars and 15 danish balls) $12.50
S size (2 danish bars and 9 danish balls) $7.50
Crunch Sugar Danish Bar $2.50 per pc
2. Gelato from MILKISSIMO. Recommended flavours are Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Mango and Purple Sweet Potato. Oh my… this is probably going to be the first time that Sakura flavoured ice cream is available in Singapore! You have to try it. 
The cherry flavour is subtle but definitely present. I like how it is not too strong and gentle in flavour that way. I have tasted several cherry blossom sweets in Japan, and I have to say that this gelato ice-cream is yummy. 
The mango was also very impressive. It is not too sweet and very fragrant. The slight tangyness also gives it a very refreshing taste. 
The purple sweet potato flavour is a very interesting flavour and so pretty to look at! I recommended this as this is a very unique flavour though I would not recommending having this as a single scoop cup, It is better to have this when you order multiple flavours. 
Single Scoop $6
Double Scoop $7.50
Triple Scoops $9
3. Uji Matcha Fresh Chocolate and Cha Cha Maru from Tsujirihei Honten (Kyoto). 
Cha Cha Maru, this little translucent sweet could be easily overlooked by many, but I highly recommend this! The exterior of this sweet is jelly and wrapped inside creamy matcha cream and azuki beans. Sprinkle on some roasted soybean powder and enjoy the sweet (the soybean powder is packed separately) It is so very very yummy! I was so lucky to have grabbed a last piece for the day. They do not have many numbers of these, do check them out!
I also recommend their Uji Matcha Fresh Chocolate for matcha fans and fans of nama chocolate. The bitterness of the matcha powder is intense but not too overpowering. The chocolate has the right amount of sweetness and very creamy as well. 
Cha Cha Manju $3 per pc
Uji Matcha Fresh Chocolate $19.50 for 18pcs
4. Macarons from Patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris. Macarons fans would not need me to say further. The famous macarons are available in Singapore. However, do note that the macarons are not sold singly, they come in pre-packed packets of 6 or 12 with set flavours. 
The macarons are pricey, with a box  the organisers have shared that the macarons are highly sought after in Japan and it was not easy to have it available at the event. If you can afford to splurge a little and love macarons, I say, give it a try :)
Macarons $34 for 6pcs, $66 for 12pcs
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