Chestnut Autumn Bento

Chestnut Autumn Bento (2)

Chestnut Autumn Bento today.

Today’s bento is full of autumn colors, food and autumn character – chestnuts!

I love Autumn!! The colors of autumn and the seasonal produce always inspire me to make bento.

Though I love the four seasons, Singapore (sadly) is a ‘2 seasons’ country – either hot or wet. haha… we are in the tropics and have summer all year round.

The reason why I love travelling overseas to enjoy spring and autumn, my 2 favourite seasons. I do love snow, but winter always feels too cold for me.

Chestnut Autumn Bento (1)For this Chestnut Autumn Bento, I made cute little chestnut characters out of mashed potato. The details are made from roasted sesame seeds, seaweed and carrot.

Beneath is takikomigohan – a super delicious Japanese rice dish that is seasoned and cooked with ingredients in the rice cooker. Many associate eating takikomigohan during autumn. So I used autumn produce such as mushrooms and carrots. I also added some konnyaku jelly and Japanese bamboo shoots.

To match the Autumn theme, I grilled Sanma  (Pacific Saury) – a popular fish eaten during the Japanese Autumn season. The other side dishes included sweet peas, baby corn, lotus root, lettuce, and soft boil egg.

Chestnut Autumn Bento (4)

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  • 婉婉下午茶
    October 3, 2014

    Wow! wow!!You are sooo talented! Yummy bento ~love the col and of course the two lil cuties!!!!!can’t bear to eat them..我还是偷偷把它们给带回家^^

  • vodka
    October 3, 2014

    Facial feature are free hand cutting or nori puncher? So nicely cutted

  • AngelaR
    October 3, 2014

    Wow what an artwork! Cute and beautiful!