Cloud Bento

IMG_3602Cloud Bento using my new Cloud Bento box!

While taking an alternative shopping road off Omotensando, I walk almost 2 train stations distance shopping and landed myself outside this cute store called Rainbow Spectrum flagship store in Shibuya. RSshopimageshibuya

They sell cute items, some really awesome while others a little silly but probably make an entertaining gift for festive exchange :P Rainbow Spectrum also have branches in Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Ogaki, Osaka, Sendai LOFT, Musashikosugi, and TAMA PLAZA.

One best part of this store is that the prices are really super reasonable. I spotted a number of items at almost 50% discount as compared to elsewhere.

One thing that caught my eye the quickest were these super cute 3 tiered cloud bento that comes with an expandable rainbow bento strap band.

Everything for the price of 480 Yen only! That is about $5.50 Singapore dollars. Rainbow Spectrum Shibuya (1)

Even the other kitchen stuff were really cute too, such as these plates that resemble disposable paper plates and these little serving dishes at only 90yen!

Rainbow Spectrum Shibuya (3) Rainbow Spectrum Shibuya (2)

Check out some of their product below (grabbed the images from their website,click on them to go their their product page)

merry go round hanger

fruit bath sponges Moustache Cup

So today its time to use my brand new Cloud Bento box!

I used only 2 tiers, the largest size and the medium size box.

The question was, what to make in this bento box?

Sometimes there is no need to think too hard, plus I needed something fairly quick and easy.

So I stuck to the theme and made this Cloud Bento, cloud characters made from rice ball.

Are you feeling like the Happy White Cloud or the Sad Gloomy Cloud (Awwww)?IMG_3601

Happy White Cloud made from Japanese rice was shaped using cling wrap and the help of a scraper to mold into cloud shape. While Sad Gloomy Cloud had ground black sesame mixed into it and again was shapped using cling wrap and the help of scraper.

The details were added on using sushi seaweed (eyes,mouth), pink sakura denbu (cheeks) and cheese (teardrop).

Recently the weather here have been behaving this way too, with intermittent showers and sometimes heavy rain.

The side dishes for today’s Cloud Bento included sauteed french beans, buffalo drumlets and star shaped nuggets!


Rainbow Spectrum 

Flagship store at Shibuya

東京都渋谷区神宮前5-29-1 1F/2F
TEL 03-6450-5825
OPEN 11:00-20:00


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