Domo kun Bento

Domo kun bento (1) It has been a while since I made Domo-kun Bento!

Domo-kun is the official mascot of NHK, Japan’s largest and sole public broadcaster . Hatched from an egg, Domo-kun’s signature look is his large open mouth. Domo-kun loves television :P hardly surprising~heheh

Recently I got to know an acquaintance who lamented that Domo kun is not as popular as other characters, even in bento. So I decided to make this! Hopefully he will get to see this on my blog :)

Plus I have wanted to make a Domo-kun bento since coming back from Japan. This is always the case after visiting the NHK character store where I will see super cute Domo-kun products and character goods.

Domo kun bento (5)The two Domo-kun are actually inari-zushi (sushi rice wrapped with aburaage). The mouth and eyes were made from crabstick and seaweed. The arms were cut from aburaage.

*aburaage  – Japanese fried tofu pouch.

The bento side dishes include sauteed chinese chives and carrots, sauteed tofu squares and shiitake mushrooms, and some Korean strawberries!

Woo hoo~ the strawberry season is approaching soon and we are starting to have lovely sweet strawberries sold at supermarkets.

Domo kun bento (3)Today’s bento was packed in my 2-tier white monbento. I love the white color as it is great for photography, it brightens up the food.

This is also the reason why you will notice that I often either use my white bento boxes or wooden bento boxes. A personal preference~ :)

Did you also notice the cute Domo-kun chopsticks? I love the whole set with the matching chopstick case.

Both the bento box and chopsticks can be found in Bento&co’s store.

The cute light green checker placemat is from Afternoon Tea Japan.
Domo kun bento (2)

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