Doraemon Deco Steam Cakes

Doraemon Steam Cake (2) I made Doraemon Deco Steam Cakes (or Deco Mushipan). It has been a while since I made such deco and character design steamed cakes.

Recently Daniel Food Diary was really kind to purchase 5 of my Kawaii Bento Cookbook for giveaway (now closed) on his Facebook. And in his question posted to the participants, he asked the readers to share what bento they would like me to make. Several mentioned Doraemon.

While this not a Doraemon Bento, I hope those who like Doraemon characters will like this creation!

Plus I also included the recipe in this post and step by step photos to make these Doraemon deco steam cakes :)

Doraemon Steam Cake (1)I decided to make these deco steam cakes this morning partly because I have yogurt left in the fridge and I needed something for breakfast.

And somehow, the Doraemon character came to my mind. Plus it is round in shape, which makes it easier to create the character design on the steam cakes.

If you do however wish to see Doraemon Bento, here is one!

I promise I will make more Doraemon Bentos soon!

Japanese steam yogurt cakes (mushi pan)

**Doraemon Deco Steam Cakes Recipe**


  • Morinaga hotcake mix 1pkt (150g) (some of my readers have used other ready pancake mixes too but I usually stick to morinaga cause I like the taste)
  • sugar 20g
  • eggs (small) 2
  • yogurt (I used marigold plain yogurt with sugar) 100g
  • baking powder 5g
  • salad oil 1tbsp (if you do not have salad oil, you can use usual cooking vegetable oil, you can also omit the oil entirely if you prefer a healthy recipe)
  • vanilla essence 3-5drops (optional)
  • blue icing coloring (for Doraemon’s head)
  • red icing coloring (for Doraemon’s nose)
  • dark cocoa powder (for outlines) 0.5tsp
  • plain flour 2tsp

Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (1)Method

1. In a large mixing bowl, add in the eggs, sugar, yogurt, baking powder, vanilla essence, salad oil and hotcake mix and mix well.

Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (9)

2. In three smaller bowls, add in (A) 0.5tsp dark cocoa powder (B) 0.5 tsp plain flour (C) 1.5 tsp plain flour, respectively

3. From step 1, scoop out the following batter into the the small bowls (A) add in 2 tsp batter (B) add in 2 tsp batter + some red icing colouring (C) add in 6 tsp batter. Mix well. These are for piping the designs and outlines.

4. To the remaining batter in the large mixing bowl, add in some blue icing colour to create the blue colour batter.

Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (7)

5. Fill small muffin cups (about 6cm in diameter) with the blue batter up to about 75%/80% full. It should yield you at least 5 cups. Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (8)

6. Transfer the various batter into small piping bags.Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (6)

7. Start create the white base for Doraemon’s head. Followed by the outlines and nose.

8. Be creative! You can create different expressions~Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (4) Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (5)

9. Place a steamer rack in a large pot with water, bring to boil. Then steam the cakes for about 12mins under low heat.

10. Important notes:

- The pot should be big enough to ensure space for the rising of the steam cake

- Please use a steamer cloth to wrap the pot lid, this is to prevent water from dripping onto the cake and spoiling the designs or causing sinkage

- Please use low heat when steaming the cakes, too high heat might cause the cakes to split and destroy the designs

- As my muffin cups are very thin, I used double layer when I steam them so that it will not expand too much and the design will stay. 

Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (3) Doraemon Steam Cake Recipe (2)I hope you enjoy this fun Doraemon Deco Steam Cake recipe!

Its great for breakfast, picnics and parties too! As yogurt is used in these steam cakes, please try to consume the cakes within the next day of making them.

Doraemon Steam Cake (3)Not a fan of Doraemon?

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  • Cherie
    January 15, 2015

    My fav cartoon character! So cute! :)

  • Jean (Bentodays)
    January 15, 2015

    Thanks for sharing more tips! I still can’t get a good steamed cake so will try again with your tips.

  • Lynette Lucero
    January 14, 2015

    Hello. I have recently started following on Instagram and I really enjoy your creations. As a new “Empty Nester” with all our kids grown and moved onto their lives, I am taking note and trying your recipes so that I can share these with my grandkids. Your creations are amazing and the tutorials are easy to follow. Thank you for all your ideas and posts. I am fourth generation American Japanese with family roots in Hawaii and California. Being married to Hispanic, I have really had fun with your site getting me back to my roots. :)
    (Instagram name: antielynne)