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IMG_8783In Singapore, we have the privilege of having drinkable water on the tap but what happens when we are on the go, or travelling? That is when I got introduced to Easicup – A modern filtration product that can fit almost any regular cup or mug and very portable.TITANIUM

Launched just late last year in December, Easicup is proudly designed in Singapore and is available at most Home-Fix store in Singapore.

With a choice of 4 colours launched here in Singapore, my favourite is the Sun Set colour, a lovely peachy pink colour.

SUN SET - 01

Easicup promises to be effective in blocking out sediments and suspended particles as well as to help prevent the growth of bacteria in your drinking water. The filtration process also reduces contaminants, impurities, and volatile organic compoind in the tap water that helps reduce the chlorine consumed.

Some of you will sometimes say that our tap water has a somewhat metallic taste? This should help in creating better tasting water on the go!

I was presented with a review Easicup set that contained the silicon filter cup, with a three step filter of silver impregnated activated carbon with antibacterial properties from Japan.SUN SET - 02

One thing I noticed is that the silicon filter cup is best suited for regular size mugs, and mugs that are not too shallow such as the ones I am using here. IMG_8784

The filteration process also means that you will need to wait for short while (not long) before enjoying the clean water to drink. And you will also need a bag or tray or some sort to transfer/take out the filter cup so that you can have your drink.

In addition, it is recommended to get extra filters so that you can change the filter every 5 to 7 days (for regular usage).

Considering its portable size and design, this product will well suit travellers and those who wish to have clean affordable filtered water anywhere they go.IMG_8785


Website http://www.easicup.com/

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/easicup/

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