Elephant Bento

Elephant Bento (1)Elephant Bento for Monday!

Amongst the many animal theme bento creations I have made, I realised that I have yet to make any elephants.

Monday always call for simple bento so that I can get a little more Zzz to start the week.

This elephant onigiri bento was a quick and fast bento. :D

Elephant Bento (2)I shape Mr Elephant using rice mixed with some purple furikake and pink sakura denbu to achieve the light violet and pink colours.

The features were added on using some seaweed which I cut with a small scissors.

I also made the Elephant hold a red balloon. Did you spot that?

The ‘balloon’ was made from half a cherry tomato and a bento pick. Elephant Bento (3)

The side dishes were really yummy!

For meat –  I cooked Laksa Squid (or known as sotong to some). Using Dancing Chef’s laksa paste, and some milk, it was so easy to cook the laksa squid.

For pre-made cooking paste, Dancing Chef has one of the best in town. Not just in the flavour but also because it does not contain any MSG, preservatives and artificial colourings.

From now till end of June 2015, Dancing Chef™ is holding a special ‘Curry in a Hurry’ promotion, where individuals can get any three packets of Dancing Chef™ cooking paste at just $7.55! woo hoo :D

I also packed some sauteed bean sprouts and snap peas in the bento.

Have a wonderful start of the week and I hope this elephant bento will cheer you!

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  • 婉婉下午茶
    May 25, 2015

    Laksa Squid看起来好好吃哦~