[Event update] Japanese Sweets Collection at Isetan Jurong East 14 to 23 March 2014 日本の人気スイーツ大集合

I am so happy to be invited by Jeki to the Japanese Sweets Collection debut at Isetan Jurong East this week! 

I will share with you more about the event in a few days’ time after I visited! Will give my recommendation of the sweets too! :)

The Japanese Sweets collection is a first Japanese sweets event that brings to Singapore the highly popular and famous sweets from Japan. 

Check out their poster!

Oh my my… gorgeous looking sweets and desserts! I think when I go to the event, I wouldn’t even though which one to start since they all look amazing! (definitely need to head to the gym after that..haha)

Fans of Sadaharu Aoki Paris’ macarons will also be happy to know that the macarons are available at this fair!

The Japanese Sweets Collection will debut in Singapore at Isetan Jurong East Supermarket (located at B2 level of Westgate mall, which is just next to Jurong East mrt station). 

The fair will start on 14 March and ends 23 March 2014

Check out Japanese Sweets Collection on Facebook here

The 11 participating brands and their sweets include:
  1. Cream bun by Hattendo
  2. Chocolate by Tsujirihei
  3. Waffle by Milestone 
  4. Tama doughnut by Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma
  5. Macarons by Patisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris
  6. Matcha lattte by Mariko No Sato
  7. Assorted Danish by Danish Bar
  8. Sweet potato by Oimoyasan Koshin
  9. Matcha pudding by Morihan
  10. Fresh Chocolate Roll by MAQUI’S
  11. Gelato by Milkissimo


  1. 八天堂(八天堂/広島県三原市):くりーむパン
  2. 辻利兵衛本店(辻利兵衛本店/京都府宇治市):うじ抹茶生チョコレート
  3. MILESTONE(福井堂/岡山県備前市):ワッフル 
  4. 月寒あんぱん本舗ほんま(ほんま/北海道札幌市):玉ドーナツ
  5. Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris(エー・スイーツ・ハウス/東京都大田区):マカロン
  6. 丸子の郷(磯駒海苔/静岡県駿河区):抹茶ラテ
  7. Danish Bar(マーメイドベーカリーパートナーズ/東京都品川区):デニッシュバー
  8. おいもやさん興伸(川小商店/東京都台東区):スイートポテト
  9. 森半(共栄製茶/大阪府大阪市):抹茶ぷりん
  10. MAQUI’S(マキィズ/兵庫県神戸市):生チョコロール 
  11. Milkissimo(ミルキッシモ/北海道函館市):ジェラート


  • kw bentodiary
    March 13, 2014

    Yes….all so tempting & delicious!! I’ll go for anything with green tea :D Looking forward to your post :)

    • Shirley Wong
      March 13, 2014

      I know right! everything looks amazingly delicious!! :D

  • Madelein Larsson Wollnik
    March 12, 2014

    Cool, I will check out the Facebook page :-)

    • Shirley Wong
      March 13, 2014

      Please do.. the sweets look amazing :D