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I finally decided to straighten my teeth.

Due to my small jaw, I have had misaligned teeth for as long as I can remember.

In my younger days, my parents were not so aware of the dental treatments and I was also afraid of the pain caused by wearing traditional braces. Not to mention that it was visibly obvious too.

Recently with the changes in technology, and also because of the nature of my work that sometimes requires me to be in front of the camera of media, I thought that it would be good to fix up my teeth.

I visited their Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC which is located at Nehsons Building Branch (Tanjong Pagar area) at Peck Seah Street.IMG_6223t600x600

The moment I stepped into the clinic, I was pleasantly surprised that it was atypical of dental clinics.

Most of us have fears of visiting dentist (I know!).

Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC almost feels like you are entering a modern spa, with modern finishing, a spacious sofa reception area and even a play area for those with young children. They even offer drinks while you wait. Talk about good service ;)

After my initial consultation session at Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC, I was so thrilled that there is now the option of MBrace. MBrace is a clear/invisible aligner used in dentistry to straighten teeth (as compared to using braces).

After understanding more about MBrace, it soon became clear to me that it was the perfect choice.

It is visibly clear and does not require any brackets or wires unlike traditional metal braces.

I can also easily remove the aligners when I need to brush or floss my teeth or when eating. Also, there are no fixed brackets or wires that trap food bits, and no ‘attachments’ to limit plaque build-up.

This means less disruptions to my daily routine, food tastings, OOTDs and most would not even know that I am straightening my teeth – okay unless they read this blog ;P

In my first MBrace consultation, a mold of both my upper and lower set of teeth were taken. All I needed was to chew on this gummy thingy. IMG_6221IMG_7570

A computer simulation was then used for true stepwise teeth movement. This ensures that the custom-made digitally crafted clear orthodontic aligners will be of high precision fit and comfort.

My second visit allowed me to view the simulation on the anticipated improvements to my dental alignment. As a patient, it really made a difference to be able to visualise my teeth’s final position.  I also extracted a tooth to make space to realign my upper set of teeth.

And about two weeks later, I received my set of aligners! I was also taught how to put on and remove them, as well as some of the advice on having their aligners on.

Check this out, without aligners.

Not wearing MBrace

Not wearing MBrace

Not wearing MBrace

Not wearing MBrace

And with the aligners on.

Wearing MBrace

Wearing MBrace

Wearing MBrace

Wearing MBrace

They are really not noticeable right? :)

Timeline, Process 

How often are the MBrace aligners changed? A single set of aligners are used for 2 weeks before moving to the next set of aligners.

Can the MBrace aligners be removed? The aligners can be removed when eating, drinking or brushing of teeth. Aside from that, the aligners should not be removed.

Now what is timeline like? I was advised that I would probably need to have the treatment for one year to correct my teeth.

For every set of aligners, I will wear them for 2 weeks, 20-22 hours each day, before changing to the next set.

Depending on individual’s teeth condition, it usually takes 1 or 1.5 years to complete the treatment.

Okay, as I am writing this post, I am wearing my second set of aligners. I felt that it would be fair and more accurate to write a post only after experiencing it.


No one will notice 99% of the time.

I think the most conscious person is actually myself. Even my parents didn’t notice I had my aligners on when I lunched with them!

My first week was the hardest but I soon got used to talking, smiling and kind of ignoring the fact that I actually have the aligners on.

Your speech may be temporarily affected in the first 1-2 days of wearing them – it goes away – don’t worry. Just don’t plan on some major or huge speech when you first start out on the aligners.

Brushing of teeth, eating habits

First – be prepared to brush your teeth a lot more often. In fact, this means everytime you ate (or have snacked). This means making some adjustments to your lifestyle.

The pros are that I literally stopped snacking (yay!) and also stopped drinking sweet drinks, changing my beverages to water.

Also my oral hygience is at its tiptop, since I am taking such good care and brushing my teeth after each meal.

You can still drink coffee and tea and note that they could possibly stain your aligners. I would recommend drinking anything other than water with straw, and if need, rinse after.

Having to brush your teeth after every meal meant that I had to have my toothbrush and toothpaste with me on the go. So you will need a travel pack in your handbag. I also keep another toothbrush/toothpaste set in my office.

You might also find that the constant brushing may dry your lips, so slap on your favourite lipgloss or lipstick :) the good thing is that I look more made up than usual now. haha


I will be lying if I told you that you wouldn’t feel a thing. Every change of a new set of aligners comes with soreness and tightness – this is kind of good as this means that the teeth are being aligned, ie moved.

It gets better usually after the first 3 days of every new aligner set.

Good thing, no ulcers and no other pain from wearing these aligners!

So there you go, I can’t wait to show you my results mid way through, probably around 6 months from now, and then 1 year! Stay tuned!


Aside from MBrace, FDC and it wide network of dental clinics in Singapore offer all general and aesthetic dental treatments

Visit, choose your favourite clinic and call the clinic to make an appointment,


visit FDC’s Flagship clinic, Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC at Tanjong Pagar, Nehsons Building

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