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IMG_5968Recently I was asked to review GoBuyLah.

What is GoBuyLah?

GoBuyLah is a fairly new online shopping mall with a variety of items, ranging from beauty, food, gadgets, healthcare, home care, even a Ma Ma Shop!GoBuyLah online mallGoBuyLah online mall2

Online shopping in recent years have definitely grown a lot.

This is especially so with a shift in consumer behaviour with shoppers like myself who prefer the convenience of ordering items at the tip of our fingertips and in the comforts of our home. And best part, have everything delivered to you.

For someone like me who don’t have a car, transporting and carrying bulky items can be really tricky and tiring.

Using GoBuyLah, I was really glad that I was able to make my purchases easily.

I browsed through the different categories and simply add to cart the products I fancied.

GoBuyLah online mall3

Best part? Free delivery!!

GoBuyLah offers free shipping for all purchases with no minimum purchase. 

And I got my order delivered to me in just 2 days time.

I placed my order on Thursday and received all the goods on Saturday afternoon. I was pretty impressed at the efficiency.

And I have some perks for you! Use my unique discount code ‘BENTO05‘ *valid till 7 August 2015 only, and enjoy additional $5 off your purchases. 

GoBuyLah has a standard $5 OFF – rewards points for new members (which can be utilized to deduct with min. purchase of $50) so if you use my discount code, you get an additional $5.

This equates to potential savings of $10!

*Please enter the code in “discount  code field a the bottom left corner” and apply the code before proceeding to checkout. GoBuyLah online mall4No what were some of the things I bought on GoBuyLah?

I spent some $200 on household necessities, a new stand mixer and some cooking products. :D

Cheap thrill (feeling auntie) was when I discovered how cheap the Dynamo Color Care 4.4kg by Mama Shop were on GoBuyLah.

Only $9.90 each and free delivery!!

Haha this is going to be the way I buy my detergent in future, no more lugging back heavy groceries from the supermarket and savings too!IMG_5971

Being a Japanese fanatic, I also found some Japanese cleaning products to try out, including  MiYOSHi-Dishwash/Detergent NanohanaMiYOSHi Soap Hand Wash Additive Free Soap Bubble Hand Soap,  and MiYOSHi-Laundry/Detergent Soyokaze. IMG_5969

I wanted a basic stand mixer too, so was really glad to grab the Philips HR1565/40 3L Stand Mixer 400 Watt by Parisilk for $80.IMG_5970

And finally got my hands on some  Verace truffle products including the Verace Organic Italian White Truffle Tagliatelle , Verace Organic Italian Minced Black Truffle and Verace Organic Italian White Truffle Sauce.

I was pleasantly surprised that Verace also gave me a complimentary mini jar of their Wild Forest Thousand Flowers Honey for my purchases. Awwww.. sweet of them!

After I heard from my friends about how most truffle products and truffle oil all contain artificial truffle perfume , I am looking forward to try Verace products which are certified free of 2,4 dithiapentane (truffle perfume) by ICEA and Bio Laboratori Alimenta in the EU.

I definitely prefer products that containing real truffles instead of artificial aromas or flavours.

Now, have fun shopping on GoBuyLah and remember to use the discount code!


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Blog post disclaimer: This is a in-kind sponsored post by GoBuyLah, purchases were compliments of GoBuyLah for a review of their online shopping mall. 

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