Gudetama Bento & Gudetama Deco Latte

Gudetama Bento (7)Gudetama Bento~ perfect for lazy Monday morning.

Snoozed my alarm again this morning.haha… body doesn’t like the start of work week.

Though I actually woke up with an idea for Star Wars Bento but lacked one ingredient so I decided to turn to Gudetama instead.

Inspired by a Gudetama plush toy that I bought at Sanrio Puroland, I made this gudetama onigiri rice ball.

Gudetama plush


The Japanese rice was coloured yellow using deco furikake. I then shaped the rice using cling wrap. Gudetama Bento (8)

The side dishes were simple, some sauteed sweet peas with shiitake mushrooms, grilled back bacon and an hard boiled egg – which I decorated as Gudetama character too.

To start the day, I also prepared a hot cup of milk. I find that quite soothing, does warm milk have the same effect on you too?

(cheat!) Using my new Gudetama Deco Latte sheets, even the milk can be made super cute super easily ;P

Gudetam Deco Latte

I hope you will have a good Monday without all the blues!

Today’s round bent wood bento box is from Bento & Co.

Gudetama chopsticks and rest was bought from Sanrio Japan.

Wooden tray is from Muji.

Gudetama Bento (9)

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  • Yi
    December 28, 2015

    im wondering how did you decorate the eyes and mouth?