Gudetama Bento

IMG_7100Gudetama Bento!!

Hahha this Gudetama character from Sanrio really makes me laugh. He looks so ‘nua’ and even has a bacon as blanket~

Another anthropomorphized character from Sanrio. Everyone, please meet, Gudetama, translated as lazy egg. Yes its an egg that does not want to do anything~

Its name, which is a combination of “gude“ describing something or someone with no energy or strength, and “tama” from the word tamago, which means egg in Japanese.

Interestingly Gudetama even has his own Twitter account with over 380K followers!!! He also has some videos on Sanrio official Youtube channel, which are quite funny.

I remember seeing quite an increase in gudetama character goods when I was in Japan end of last year~ Here is a photo I took in Kiddy Land, Harajuku. He also now has his own shelve at Sanrio Puroland’s shop too!

gudetama sanrioScreen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.03.12 am

To make today’s Gudetama bento (so easy), I just fried an egg, and make sure that the yolk is still runny and not overcooked.

Arrange on a bed of rice and add on the features using seaweed which I cut.

The bacon was grilled in the pan and a small piece was added for Gudetama’s blanket.

gudetama bentoThe side dishes included (more) bacon, blanched broccoli, spinach with sesame sauce, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

Packed this Gudetama bento  in my white rectangular bento box from Noda Horo. I bought the box from Japan but this bento box is now available in Singapore, spotted it at Tokyu Hands :)

Have a lazy Monday morning~~ but a good day ahead!

Here are some funny Gudetama pictures (not mine, please see source link)


Source: Tumbler


Source: Tumbler



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