Gudetama Tomato Bento

Gudetama Tomato Bento (1)I spotted these medium size yellow tomatoes in the supermarket recently and immediately thought of making this Gudetama tomato bento lunch!

Yes! The Gudetama characters were made from tomatoes. Heheh I love how 3-D they look right?

Even my husband comment that this Gudetama bento was pretty cool~~ heheh.

Gudetama Tomato Bento (3)Packed this bento into my Mame Magewappa Bento box from Zairyo SG.

And for a Gudetama theme, I decorated the bento with some egg shells toppers and egg bento pics. Even my chopstick rest is Gudetama, hahahah. Bought the chopstick and chopstick rest from Sanrio JP recently.

Gudetama Tomato Bento (4)To make Gudetama, I halved one piece for the lying down Gudetama. And then using smaller pieces of cut tomatoes, I added Gudetama’s legs and arms.

The eyes and mouth were cut from seaweed.

The bacon blanket is simply a small piece of picnic ham.

Useful tip!: Dab a little mayo to help the seaweed parts stick to the tomato.

Side dishes for today’s Gudetama tomato bento included sauteed french beans with carrots, and stewed pork with pumpkin.

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