Hello Kitty Rice Burger Bento

Hello Kitty BentoHello Kitty Rice Burger Bento!

Received a special Hello Kitty stencil from a client earlier this week to create a bento for them. More updates on how you will also be able to get your hands on this cute Hello Kitty stencils when it is officially launched in 1-2 months time!

Inside of the usual ‘stenciling’, I decided to make it slightly different. Hello Kitty Rice Burgers!

I wrapped and shape Japanese rice into two rice patties. Placed the stencil on top and gently scoop about 0.5tsp of ground black sesame on top.

Slowly spreading the sesame around to fill the stencils, pressing them lightly so that they stick to the rice before removing the stencil.

Hello Kitty BentoI like how the Hello Kitty Rice Burger was easy to make and definitely got my stomach juices going with the teriyaki chicken and sunny side up with runny yolk filling I made :D

The side dishes included steamed sweet corn, blanched broccoli, Hello Kitty tofu, edamame beans skewered using a Hello Kitty bento pick and carrot.Hello Kitty Bento

Today’s Hello Kitty bento fitted well inside this Hello Kitty shape bento box. It has been a while since I used this. The lid has some depth which makes it perfect as you can still close the lid even when the bento ingredients were stacked a little higher.

Frankly I cannot really remember where I bought this bento box. It was probably at one of those character stores selling Sanrio goods. Hello Kitty Bento

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  • Eimear
    May 8, 2015

    This looks so good, it’s like Hello Kitty overload! Even more than at the HK restaurants ^_^