Homemade Parfait with Panda Deco Shiramata

Recipe for Deco Shiratama Homemade Japanese Parfait

Its Friday!! Definitely the day to enjoy a delicious and kawaii dessert.

Here are some homemade matcha parfait that I made last weekend. And below is the recipe to make those cute Panda deco shiratama. Deco shiratama is a type of Japanese sweets, made from rice flour and tofu, it can be shaped into super cute kawaii designs.

The taste of shiratama dumplings or shiratama sweets is almost the same as Japanese dangos, slightly denser than the Chinese tang yuan.

Homemade Japanese Parfait

This homemade Japanese parfait was absolutely delicious. (from bottom of the jar), I had cornflakes, anko (red bean), matcha ice cream, fruits like muskmelon, strawberries, red currants and strawberry flavour pocky biscuit sticks. I then added the cute Panda deco shiratama dumpling and Sakura deco shiratama dumpling.

  • 40g shiratamako (Japanese glutinous rice flour)
  • 48~55g silken tofu
  • food coloring (black, red)

(1) Mix 40g of shiratamako with about 48g of tofu, knead well. You should have a nice soft dough, which is easily shaped without visible cracks. The texture is similar to your ear lobe. If there are still cracks, this means that the dough is too dry, add little tofu at a time to adjust.


(2) Divide the dough into 15g, 20g and the remaining larger dough.

Tip: Always cover the resting dough with cling wrap while you work so that the dough does not dry up.

Tip: If the dough do dry up a little, similarly, just add a little tofu at a time to adjust.

(3) Mix a little red food coloring into the 15g to make a pink dough, and a little black coloring for the 20g to make a dark grey dough.

DSC03458-001 DSC03460-001 DSC03461-001

(4) On a sheet of parchment paper, shape and arrange the larger white dough into 4 pandas (heads and bodies)


(5) Shape the black dough into the ears, hands, feet, eyes and mouth for the 4 pandas. Add little pink dough balls for the cheeks. You can making the remaining pink dough into flowers or other shapes are you like. Over here, I used sakura cutters and then use a small stick to make the indentations at the flower core.

DSC03470-001 DSC03482-001 DSC03485-001 DSC03488-001

(6) Boil a pot of water and cook the dumplings at medium heat until they float up. As you boil, the parchment paper will separate from the dough, remove them from the pot.

Tip: Do not remove them immediately once they float, wait for about 30secs or so to ensure that it is completely cooked.

DSC03490-001 DSC03493-001

(7) Remove from heat and place the cooked deco shiratama dumplings in a bowl of ice water. Serve with your favourite dessert!




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