Japanese Bento 和弁当

Been a crazy week at work and woke up late again this monring as I was up pretty late doing some admin work for my blog and bento engagements. 

Manager to pack myself a more traditional style Japanese bento. I hope you still like this bento. 

Today’s bento was packed in my Take Bako box from Bento & co. I used only one-tier of the bento box. 

Tip to share~ to protect my magewappa bento boxes, I usually make use of food wax paper to line the box and paper bento cups for my side dishes. It also makes it so much easier to wash the box later. 

I love purple sweet potatoes in bento boxes, their colors are always so pretty. The side dishes included rice, chicken soboro (minced meat), tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelette), kani kamaboko (crabstick), edamame beans (Japanese soy beans), sauteed vegetables and lettuce. 

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