Japanese Bento 和弁当・和食

A Japanese bento for lunch – I love washoku (Japanese cuisine)! Decided to make a non-character bento and instead prepare a traditional style bento.
This is also the first time I used my new transparant clear bento box – pretty awesome right? I bought them in Japan and shipped over just recently. It is actually a 3-tier bento box, I used only 2 layers today. 
I really enjoy using this special bento box, so fun!
Today’s Japanese bento also allowed me to finish up some of the ingredients in my fridge which was great :) Here are the dishes in today’s bento.

Tier 1: Sweet sake prawns, tamagoyaki, sakura soba, lettuce, sakura mochi slice.
*Sake is a Japanese alcoholic made from fermented rice
*Tamagoyaki is japanese rolled egg omelette
Tier 2: Rice, Kabayaki-unagi, tofu, vegetables and chicken nimono, edamame beans.
*Kabayaki-unagi is grilled eel, a Japanese dish
*Nimono is (煮物) is a simmered dish in Japanese cuisine, the stock is usually flavored with sake, soy sauce, mirin and sugar.

Even the cover of this acrylic bento box is clear! :) Check out this beautiful photo of the bento box, image is copyright of Primitive 陶舎花*花. I will try to take my own photo of the bento box itself and update the post again :)
I have made numerous Japanese traditional bento before too. 
Here are two of which I liked very much too. Heheh I realised that my favourite ones always seem to have a sakura theme~~!
Sakura Soba Bento (blog post)
Sakura Onigiri Bento (blog post)
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  • bentodays
    May 21, 2014

    The side dishes look super yummy! Love the bento box too!

  • madelein
    May 21, 2014

    Looks fantastic!