Kawaii Burger Bread Buns

43858A14-C161-407F-A8F7-E3660D440A2FKawaii Burger Bread Buns.

I love baking these super cute burger bread buns – Miffy, Winnie the Pooh and Pikachu! Which ones do you like the most?

Really happy that they turn out well.

I have been making cute bread buns, but I think the Winnie the Pooh one was the first few.


Using honey instead of sugar in the recipe, it yield a lovely lingering aroma of honey in the soft buns. Sweetness is not overpowering so the buns are still great for mini sliders like here.

For a healthy choice, I had apple ‘fries’ at the side together with some salad.

Over the last two years, my baking journey has intensified. I guess the plain reason is because I enjoy creating (eating :P) and sharing the goodies with my friends and colleagues when I bake. Plus I have a much better oven now.

I used to bake with the old tabletop oven – a hand me down from my mum.

Finally upgraded to a full size oven early last year  –  a 60cm Turbo Incanto Oven TFM8627.

Nothing against the tabletop oven, but it does make a difference in terms of heat distribution, functions and space (more space!!!), areas where a full size oven is advantageous.

Most of my baking creations are breads and pastries like tarts, choux and cakes. I noticed that I rarely make macarons, icing cookies, glazed donuts and cupcakes though, haha – I think its because I prefer eating the former ones more.

It only makes sense to make what you enjoy more right? :)

I think this is the one thing that comes through in homemade food – the love and effort we give in.

IMG_1292At the peak of the Pokemon phase last year, I was inspired to make pokemon buns.

They came out equally cute. I love that I can take out my Pokeball bento box and use them too. The mini pokeballs are made from quail eggs,  cherry tomatoes and seaweed.

I even posted the recipe on my instagram here.

Even without the bun fillings, they still look adorbs right?


And of course, Miffy cannot be left out!

I am such a bunny person.

The trick to getting these buns such nice color and not overbrowning, really comes down to the baking temperature. More of these tips will be shared in my next cookbook – yes a teaser! it will be on bread and will be super kawaii.

302597D7-B494-43E0-A595-BD5C18F3D6B9Using my Miffy vegetable cutters, I made matching potato wedges to complete my Miffy Burger Buns set.

Got my hands on these cute Miffy wax paper from Kiddyland at Harajuku.



Hope you enjoy this post on my homemade Kawaii Burger Bread Buns!

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  • Joyce
    February 6, 2017

    Hello, I love your recipes. How can I reheat my bread so it can be soft and tasty on day two as well?

    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      February 9, 2017

      Hi Joyce and Yvonne, did you also chatted with me on IG? As mentioned, they should still be good for day 2. Usually i bring to office to share on the second day too :) toasting up will make them taste even better on second day. try working on the kneading process and also fermentation timing. You can also add some bread improver – although I rarely used them myself. :)

  • Yvonne
    February 3, 2017

    Can these be serve for day 2 as well? How? Some buns turn hard the next day. :(

  • Sparklewolfie
    January 21, 2017

    Those are too cute!!! I have only a tabletop oven and have not tried to make bread in it because it seems difficult T^T The Pikachu buns are so adorable ^u^