Konnyaku Noodles Bento

Tigger Pooh Konnyaku Noodles Bento (3)Tigger & Pooh Konnyaku Noodles Bento.

So excited to find these vegetable konjac noodles (first time seeing these) at the Okayama Fair at Isetan Singapore (Scotts)Konjac noodles Okayama Fair (2)

Been wanting to pack a healthy lunchbox. This is definitely is good for my diet plan!

I was so thrilled to find these colourful konnyaku noodles at the Okayama Fair. Each time there is a Japanese fair at the supermarkets here, I get all excited. Really enjoy exploring and buying unique Japanese products that I can get at these fairs here.Konjac noodles Okayama Fair (1)

These Konjac noodles from Miyuki Fujimoto comes in carrot, pumpkin, spinach and soy-milk flavours with their respective colours.

Konjac (or Konnyaku) noodles made from Konjac corns is a healthy super low-calorie substitute for carbs like noodles & pasta. Love how they are naturally colored too. M10 Okayama Fair_Final

The Okayama Fair is happening at Isetan Supermarket for the next 10 days until 6 Aug 2015 (last day) .

At the fair you will also be able to find lots and lots of fruits, fruit juices, fruit jelly, and even fruit liquor products. Okayama is well known for their fruits such as peaches and grapes.

There are also a range of other confectionery and cooking ingredients too.

To make the characters, all you need are some round bento boxes. Tigger Pooh Konnyaku Noodles Bento (2)


  • Carrot Konjac Noodles (face)
  • Orange cherry tomatoes (ears)
  • Egg sheet (snout)
  • Seaweed (eyes, whiskers, strips)

Winnie the Pooh

  • Pumpkin Konjac Noodles (face)
  • Egg sheet + seaweed (eyes and nose)
  • Yellow cherry tomatoes (ears)

Paired with a simple vegetables and pork salad. Tigger Pooh Konnyaku Noodles Bento (1)

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  • Jean (Bentodays)
    August 1, 2015

    Thank you for the recommendation, I managed to buy some of this to try out (I also need to diet LOL). Your bento is super cute!