(Koyo) Autumn Leaves in Nikko

Koyo in Nikko

I love autumn season so much! Aki (Autumn) is one of the best time in Japan, especially momiji viewing and to enjoy koyo (autumn foliage).

Momiji in Japanese means maple leaves. The colorful leaves (koyo) of autumn and the viewing of the red maple leaves is a very popular activity in Japan during the Autumn Season. Just like sakura viewing is popular in spring, koyo viewing is that of the autumn season.

My trip to Japan was planned to include a visit to Nikko. Nikko, well known for its vivid colors of autumn foliage has many wonderful koyo viewing spots.

Nikko station

We arrive at Nikko station via the Tobu Nikko Line from Asakusa Tobu Station. It took us about 2 hours one way to reach Nikko.

The weather was perfect! Beautiful clear blue skies that gave us wonderful backdrops for the autumn foliage photography.

We took a bus and made our way up to Kirifirinotaki (霧降の滝)- to the kirifuri waterfall viewing deck.  It was a beautiful peaceful walk with lush greenery lining both sides of the road and the different shades of autumn leaves.

.Autumn leaves in NikkoAutumn leaves in Nikko DSC07598

As we ascend up slope to the waterfall viewing deck, it was time for more photos of the beautiful autumn foliage (koyo).


DSC07626 DSC07588The climb to the waterfall was easy, it only took us longer because we kept taking photos along the way! haha.

But it was all worth it. The view of the waterfall was amazing! Beautiful skies, vivid autumn foliage, great weather – lucky!


Definitely time for a we-fie group photo with such a pretty backdrop! Left: Angie-san from HippoMum, me, Maki san of cuteobento.com.


After the walk back down, if you are hungry, stop to enjoy some freshly grilled fish or mushrooms. Those shiitake mushrooms were so huge! We love mushrooms and ordered some shiitake mushrooms.

DSC07630 DSC07632 DSC07641

We also visited Nikko Toshogu shrine but sadly there were some renovations going on, so we did not enter the temple grounds. We did however enjoy the walk to the shrine.

DSC07668 DSC07615

Food Recommendation

Two must eat items at Nikko! One is age-manju (fried bean paste bun) and yuba (tofu skin) food dishes.

Will update my post soon about the yummy food at Nikko.

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to enjoy autumn foliage, next round, Kyoto for koyo viewing! (I was in Kyoto too early this trip so the leaves have yet to change colors).


Nikko (日光市)

Nikko Tourist Association Website (English)

Official Tourism Website (Japanese)