Little Mermaid Tsum Tsum Bento

IMG_6656I made numerous Tsum Tsum bento / foodart / sushi  etc, that I have already lost count. Many of them have been posted on my Instagram, at least for the last 3 months or so after my leg injury.

Here is a brand new post on Mermaid Tsum Tsum Bento!

I wanted a breakaway from the usual Tsum Tsum characters like Mickey, Minnie, Pooh… you get the drift. And decided to make the Little Mermaid Tsum Tsum characters.

Partly I was inspired by the cute glass bottle decoration that I got at 3 coins in Japan, it has sand and cute little seashells. Also also because the weather has been crazy warm these days and I really would want a dip in the pool.

There are many characters of the Little Mermaid Tsum Tsum series, but since I am only making one lunchbox, I decided on Ariel the mermaid, Sebastian and Flounder.

Hopefully next time I will make Ursula too. haha. IMG_6660

I always try my best to use natural ingredients to colour and complete the characters in creating my cute bento lunches. With the exception of Flounder’s fine details, most of everything else is made with natural food ingredients).

  • Ariel (face=rice + ground roast sesame, hair = beetroot udon noodles, eyes/nose=sushi seaweed, star = egg sheet)
  • Sebastian (face=rice + ebikko, pincers= tomato, eyes/mouth= sushi seaweed)
  • Flounder (face=rice + egg yolk, fins=egg white with blue food pen, eyes mouth= sushi seaweed)

I think the most tricky part of this Little Mermaid Tsum Tsum bento wrapping the noodles around the rice ball to form Ariel’s hair. haha.

The side dishes included mizuna salad, lettuce, boiled egg and otah (spicy mackerel fishcake).

Have a great Monday hope this cute Little Mermaid Tsum Tsum bento cheers you up!


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