Lolita Photo Shoot in Tokyo


Lolita Photo Shoot in Tokyo!

My very first experience with Lolita fashion in Tokyo.  I am very sure none of you have seen me in this Lolita look!

Neither have I  :P I almost couldn’t recognise myself.

This was all for the fun of the experience~a Lolita photoshoot in Tokyo at Maison De Julietta. They have an English website~ perfect for visitors and tourists.

IMG_2472-001Maison De Julietta store is located at LAFORET mall which is situated in Omotesando. Very convenient and close to Meijijingumae/Harajuku area too.

Do make a reservation with them for your photoshoot if you can. Although they do accept walk-ins if there are free slots.

For this Lolita shoot, they provided everything from the clothes, shoes to the make up and hair.

The basic shoot package includes the hair, makeup and dressing up and the photography. You will get a credit of 3000yen which you will use to download the images of the photoshoot about 10 days after via their online website.

The inner wear, eyelashes and wig comes at additional cost of 200yen to 1500yen.

I took the complete package and paid about 13,000yen, which works out to be SGD$150.

IMG_2487-001 IMG_2488-001 IMG_2491-001Check out the whole row of Lolita fashion items!

After arriving at the studio, I picked out my outfit with the help of the store assistant and was ushered to the dressing room where the make up artist did the make up and put on the wig for me.

IMG_2489-001IMG_2473-001IMG_2475-001You can choose the wig you fancy; I picked something to match my outfit and also slightly different from my own hair – the bangs!

IMG_5908After completing the dress up and make up, I was ushered to the studio for the Lolita photoshoot.

The backdrop is a huge storybook, which was really cute. IMG_2501

I was initially so worried about posing, but the photographer was obviously very experienced and taught me how to pose. HAHA.

There are also fun props like soft toys, book, chairs etc~

This is one of the photos from the shoot. I love that Alice in Wonderful book I was holding!


This is probably one of those once-in-a-lifetime type of fun activity. I appreciate the fact that the store allowed me to take selfie and also helped me take photos with my phone and camera (not in the studio though).

If you are travelling to Tokyo, Japan, you can try this out. Its pretty fun!

IMG_5909Blog post disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all the purchases needed for the experience and all views expressed are my own.

Maison De Julietta

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm (last appointment is 730pm)

Email/Reservations :

Tel: 03-6434-5464

Address: LAFORET B1.5F 1-11-6, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-city, 150-0001

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