My Melody Cold Udon Foodart

My Melody Cold Udon Foodart (2)My Melody Cold Udon foodart.

The weather is so hot lately, feel tired to make anything too complicated. But I still need to prepare breakfast.

After going for yoga last night, decided to eat clean today to continue the fitness regime, especially since today’s dinner will be a tasting session, likely going to eat quite lot.

I thought to myself, some cold noodles would be perfect, both healthy and cooling too!

So I made this My Melody Cold Udon foodart. My Melody Cold Udon Foodart (3)

My Melody was made from Ume (plum) thin udon noodles, and plain thin udon noodles.

The features were added on using egg and seaweed. I also added a ribbon shape pasta.

It is that simple! My Melody Cold Udon Foodart (1)

I love spring onions, added them to the outline of My Melody. It also brings out the design of your noodle foodart.

Some simple add-ons including half boiled egg, ume namafu slice, and carrot which I cut using My Melody vegetable cutter.

Served the My Melody cold udon with some tsuyu dipping sauce.

Ito plate is from Crate & Barrel (ION branch).

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