Miffy Raincoat Bento

Miffy Bento (3)Miffy Raincoat Bento!

After a terribly hot and warm summer of late, we enjoyed a fairly cooling weekend with rain showers. How nice~

The showers brought much needed respite from the days of hot weather.

I hope the cooling weather can stay a little longer! Even Miffy feels the same way ;)

Miffy dons a yellow raincoat and carries her brolley for the rainy weather.

What a fun Miffy bento to make!Miffy Bento (1)

You might also noticed the super cute cloud trays in the styling shots.

Totally in love with these super cute cloud trays from @things-to_make_and_do, a store/cafe from Bangkok Thailand.

I was really lucky as they had a pop up store with Public Garden on Saturday at Suntec Convention Hall and I was able to grab some of their lovely tableware.

Plus I have wanted to go to Public Garden‘s event for the longest time. So glad I made it this round.

Of course, I could not resist and bought a whole lot of other things too from the various stores featuring handmade goods, tableware, acessories, quirky designs, clothes etc.

I am already looking forward to the next Public Garden event.

The cloud trays had also inspired me to make this Miffy Raincoat Bento.Miffy Bento (2)

For those of you who bought my Kawaii Bento cookbook, there is a bento recipe in the book under Weathers, where I also featured a rainy day bento.

The raincoat is very similar, except that this round the character is Miffy.

To make the raincoat, you can refer to the illustrated recipe for making egg sheet in my book too.

Miffy is really easy. Just shape some Japanese rice and add on the seaweed details for the face.

The side dish for today’s Miffy Raincoat Bento is a simple sauteed broccolin with prawns and carrots.

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More information about my bento cookbook titled ‘Kawaii Bento’  here. My second cookbook titled ‘Kawaii Deco Sushi’ will be out in July 2015! 
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  • Wendy
    June 16, 2015

    Like to ask you on the foodart in Winnie the Pooh pancake. Did you draw Winnie and the bee with a mould?

    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      June 16, 2015

      Hello Wendy :) I draw it freehand. I mix a small amount of the pancake batter with some black cocoa powder, and pipe it on to the pancake pan (pooh, hunny pot, bee etc) before I pour in the original batter to make the pancakes.