Miffy Sushi

Miffy Sushi Bento (6)Miffy Sushi for you? A 30mins creation to wrap up the week.

It has been a crazy work week for me and late nights. So really glad that the weekend is finally approaching, having said that, am still working over the weekend.

Gambatte ne~~

This year has been a crazy year. both for my bento stuff and work, I guess it is sort of a good problem? But am feeling rather burnt out.

Need to take stock and recharge soon.

Miffy Sushi Bento (3) Only reached home past eleven last night so with a lack of sleep, I figured that I could only muster enough energy to make something really simple.

Somehow the idea of making these Miffy Sushi ‘rice-cream’ pops came into my mind.

I love Miffy as the character is not complicated. No weird colours or very small details required. You basically just need Japanese rice and seaweed.

You can make Miffy with either Japanese rice, or sushi rice depending on your personal preference.

To add the pink cheeks, I dab on some pink gel colours. Its as simple as that. Miffy Sushi Bento (4)


Paired my Miffy Sushi with some buffalo drumlets, side salad of mizuna vegetables and some colorful sausages.

I mentioned about these sausages in my earlier post. Yes, they are indeed green and orange in colour. They also come in yellow. Super cute right?

The sushi wooden board is from Bento&co.

I hope you are having a much better week than me~

Cheers! and thanks always for reading my blog. Can’t tell you how much it means to me for your support. :)

Miffy Sushi Bento (1)

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