Miniature Bento – Collaboration with Mcdonald’s Japan

Miniature Bento McDonalds Japan 5Miniature Bento. Real edible miniature food!

I think the miniature food trend has been really popular in the last 2 years. I tried a few myself and also posted videos on my Instagram.

What is it like making miniature food? I have to admit that it is quite a unique and engaging experience for me personally. It is not surprising why there are content creators solely focused on creating miniature food.

When I received the collaboration request from McDonald’s Japan (マクドナルド). I was so thrilled!

I proposed that we could feature edible miniature bento of their McDonalds’ meals. They loved the idea.

We did a series of 3 postings, featuring the hotcakes breakfast set, their burger set and nuggets with apple pie.

Miniature Bento McDonalds Japan

Everything is edible! Ok except that tiny white wrapper of the hash brown.

Here was what I used:

  • Hotcakes – real hotcakes made tiny, topped with tiny piece of butter and drizzled with maple syrup
  • Hash brown – fried egg, mcd’s logo on the wrapper is made from egg and tomato
  • Happy meal box – carrot and egg sheet

Miniature Bento McDonalds Japan 4

Ah who love apple pie? :P

  • Apple Pie – tiny piece of puff pastry, wrapper is made from cucumber, crabstick, egg sheet and black sesame seed
  • Nuggets – real tiny pieces of fried chicken

Miniature Bento McDonalds Japan 3

Lastly the burger set!

  • Drink – cucumber and deep fried pasta stick, tomato and egg sheet for the logo
  • Burger – mini round sausage, sesame seeds, cheese, chicken, lettuce
  • Fries – carrot and egg

I look forward to share more creations with you!

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