Minion Udon Foodart

Minion Udon Bob and Tim (3)Minion Udon Foodart

It has been sometime since I made Minions theme foodart. I still have so many ideas, not sure if I will get to make them too. :P

First up, here is my minions cold udon noodles foodart.

Chose to make Bob the minion and his plushie, Tim.

Minions Udon Bob and Tim (1)Watching the minions movie, I was so super tickled by the teddy bear with button eyes that Bob always carry with him, named Tim.

I personally carry a bunny soft toy around with me and a part of me certainly resonates with this.

Many who know me well or met me in a more informal setting would know of my bunny, called meh meh :P

If you prefer bento lunch, I also made a Bob Minion with Tim bento recently. See post here.

Minions Udon Bob and Tim (2)To make this Minion Udon foodart, the ingredients included:

  • Tumeric udon noodles (minion’s body)
  • Seaweed (jumper, minion’s mouth)
  • seaweed + white and grey egg sheet (goggles and eyes)
  • grey egg sheet (minion’s shoes)
  • aburaage *inari tofu pockets (teddy bear)
  • egg sheet + seaweed (teddy bear’s eyes, nose)

Served with chopped up spring onions, dipping sauce and a side salad.

Have a good Monday!

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