My Melody Pancake Bento

My Melody Pancake Bento (2)My Melody Pancake Bento.

So happy when I spotted these super cute My Melody Pancake frypan at Kinokuniya KLCC branch. I was there for my Kawaii Bento book launch and book signing event over the weekend.

So of course, I headed for the Japanese section after my event to do some shopping. I was so excited to find this My Melody Pancake frypan set that I got two of them! They cost about RM90, which is around SGD34-35 dollars.

I will organise a giveaway soon~~

The super kawaii frypan is baby pink in colour, non stick and easy to use. The set also comes with a recipe booklet~

My Melody Pancake Pan (3)

I wanted a very pink theme bento today, so I made watermelon pink pancakes :P Yes, you heard correctly! Watermelon Pancakes!

I actually wanted to use strawberry milk but my supermarket ran out of strawberry milk. I spotted the new watermelon flavoured Meiji milk, so decided to try using it instead.

My Melody Pancake Pan (2) My Melody Pancake Pan (1)

Frankly I was a little worried that My Melody Pancakes were going to taste weird, but surprisingly, they were actually pretty okay.

Very faint watermelon flavour in the pancakes and I really loved the pink colour when I bit into the pancakes.

I was however miffed at myself for not being able to evenly cook the pancakes, partly because I was trying so hard to retain the pink colour of the pancakes.

Actually I think it will be okay if I had just let it brown like the usual pancakes. Since the pink colour was not so obvious at the end.

My Melody Pancake Bento (3)The side dishes included scrambled eggs with candied bacon bits, a yogurt side with pink grapefruit and strawberries, some grapes and edamame beans, lettuce and a little pot of sakura honey syrup for the pancakes!

Did you notice the little candy flowers and the pink pasta too? I think they match the bento well!

I also used my My Melody vegetable cutters to cut out the carrot slices – love the design!

To further enhance the My Melody theme, I used my My Melody bento picks to skewer the edamame beans and also My Melody baran sheets.

My Melody Pancake Bento (4)

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    January 27, 2015

    Super adorable!

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    January 26, 2015

    Another peace of artwork & cuteness overload :)