My Melody Pancake Breakfast

My Melody Breakfast (1)My Melody Pancake Breakfast set today! Super fun to make and cute right?

I was also really happy that I successfully made poached eggs with homemade mayonnaise. The pink mayonnaise is coloured naturally using some beetroot juice. My Melody Breakfast (9)

To make the My Melody pancakes, I used the My Melody pancake pan that I bought recently at Kinokuniya Kuala Lumpur when I flew there for my Kawaii Bento book launch.

I also spotted the pancake pan at Kinokuniya Singapore, Liang Court branch.

The super kawaii pancake frypan is baby pink in colour, non stick and easy to use. The set also comes with a recipe booklet~

My Melody Pancake Pan (3)

I am now more used to cooking with this pancake pan, and was finally able to achieve the even browning of the pancakes.

I actually tried this some weeks back,  but was not quite satisfied with the end result and look of the pancakes.

But my motto is, never give up on cooking! practice and learn! :)

My Melody Breakfast (8)

Happy with the fluffy My Melody pancakes today!

Today’s My Melody Pancake Breakfast foodart creation is also extra special as this is part of my March month #creativesghomecooks challenge.

#creativesghomecooks is a monthly cooking challenge meant for everyone, and the purpose of this challenge is to encourage more like you and me to cook more at home.

Initiated by a group of foodies from the sg food community and led by Ian from The Silver Chef, we banded together to start this #creativesghomecooks initiative.

There will be a new challenge every month and a specific theme. For the month of March, the theme is eggs!

Eggs~ always makes me think of breakfast and brunch.

My Melody Breakfast (7)

So for this My Melody Pancake Breakfast, I used eggs for pancakes, poached eggs and homemade mayonnaise :) hahha so much eggs!

  • My Melody Pancakes
  • Honey grilled bacon on lettuce topped with poached eggs and generous serving of homemade pink mayonnaise
  • Fruit salad using SunMoon fruit cups (mandarin orange) and a small piece of apple
  • Strawberries and raspberries dusted with pink snow sugar
  • Sazzy Juice (Lychee juice with nata de coco)

Oh yes, and the cute My Melody mug was bought in Japan at Sanrio Puroland.

My Melody Breakfast (6)

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