My Sweet Piano Bento

My Sweet Piano Bento (5) My Sweet Piano Bento today for lunch!

Another sheep character for the New Year.

My Sweet Piano is a baby sheep with pink fluffy fur, and a good friend of My Melody in the Sanrio family. My previous My Sweet Piano Bento was almost half a year ago, haha, can’t believe it has been so long.

My Sweet Piano Bento (3)The technique I used to create My Sweet Piano character is as per ‘Tracing and Cutting Characters’ (page 29) of my Kawaii Bento cookbook.

Over here, I used chicken ham (white layers), picnic ham (pink layers) to cut the different layers and parts for My Sweet Piano.

The eyes and mouth were cut from seaweed and the nose is a small piece of thin egg sheet.

As the feet were light in colour, I sprinkled some furikake on the rice so that the feet could be seen. The small flowers and leaves at the sides were thin egg sheets of different colours.

My Sweet Piano Bento (4)The side dishes included grilled scallops, sauteed lotus roots, tofu and vegetables, pan grilled pork chips, edamame beans and lettice leaves.

I used the Sanrio vegetable cutters to make the carrot cut outs of My Sweet Piano.

The edamame beans were skewered with the ribbon bento picks.

My Sweet Piano Bento (1)Today’s My Sweet Piano Bento was packed in my Maru Magewappa Bento from Bento&co.

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  • Ariani@Bebento-Kids
    January 6, 2015

    So pretty! I love your Sanrio vegetable cutters, it made the carrots stand out :)