Panda and Rabbit Bento Workshop

Super back-log post, since I taught this Panda and Rabbit Bento Workshop back in June. 

Been making bento non stop for the last almost 36 hours (feeling groggy). This is because I am doing a major project now. Unfortunately, I cannot post the bento till the project is out, later this year!!

Back to Panda and Rabbit Bento ^^ This was a private class request for Esther and her friends as part of a birthday celebration. Everyone was great and I hope that they enjoyed themselves. 

Keen on workshops, read more here. ^ ^

Inside both bunny and panda rice balls are salmon flakes. I love salmon flakes for riceball – yummy!! This is also one of my favorite onigiri filling. I always buy them at combini (convenient store) when I visit Japan. 

A small cosy class of 4, everyone was wonderful! :) Thank you so much for attending the class. 

Oh yes and a good news to share with everyone, in conjunction with Singapore’s National Day, Bento and co will be offering free full day shipping for all Singaporean customers for 9 August 2014 only. Woo hoo~~~ super awesome! 

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  • bentodays
    August 10, 2014

    So cute! Can’t wait to hear about the project you are working on!