Panda Bamboo Bento パンダさんのキャラ弁

Made mapo tofu harusame noodles (Japanese bean thread noodles) bento! I also made little Panda quail eggs characters and added them into my bento. 
To match the panda theme, I also made ‘bamboo’ in this bento, using chinese leeks. 


The noodles were really easy to make and so yummy too. I added dou miao vegetables and shiitake mushrooms to the noodles. The chinese leeks also matched really well in taste with the noodles. 
A crazy work week for me, but happy that I was still able to manage to cook this simple kyaraben in the morning. Happy Tuesday everyone!~
I know that some people have asked me how do I make my quail eggs so round to make the head of the characters. Actually there is a trick to this. You can actually gently ‘mold’ the egg to reshape it. It is best to reshape the egg while the egg is still warm. 
For the head, I gently flatten the round side of the egg. Turn the round side facing up. Then match it together with a smaller quail egg for the body. 
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  • Diana Rambles
    November 15, 2014

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  • kwbentodiary
    August 25, 2014

    Have not comment it here that how much I love ur bamboo!!! At first I thought was french beans but was chinese leeks! Nice!