Panda Quail Egg Bento

Panda Quail Egg Bento (2)Panda Quail Eggs for my bento.

Decided to make a simple yaki-udon bento today, and the cute factor are the pandas!

Actually I wanted a one-dish item today, and yaki udon is one perfect menu choice. Just throw in all the ingredients, followed by the noodles and sauteed in a pan. Yummy!

Panda Quail Egg Bento (3)Taking inspiration from my Panda chopstick rest, I made the panda quail egg characters.

One facing up and one lying on the stomach with its butt up. :P

It was a little tricky wrapping the egg parts with seaweed but still quite okay. I did regret not using black beans instead. Might have been much easier.

Panda Quail Egg Bento (1)Packed the fried noodles in my round enamelware bento box. The brand is Noda Horo.

Loving Noda Horo’s high quality products and affordability. I bought mine in Japan and heard from my Japanese friends that this brand is well known and popular amongst the homemakers.

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