Panda Sandwich Bento

Panda Sandwich Bento (2)

I made a cute Panda sandwich bento today!

A simple but kawaii sandwich using  Arnest’s Pan Pop-Up bread cutter that I got quite some time back. ‘Pan’ in Japanese means bread, and in this case, this super convenient cutter cutes the sandwich into the shapes, with little imprint marks for the characters and with a little easy maneuvering, the sandwich charcter will ‘pop-up’!

If you are not such a fan of bread bento, then perhaps this may not be so good for you. But if you are (or your child is), this could be quite a fun addition to your bento tools. It is also great for parties.

Arnest Pan Pop Up Sandwich Cutter 2

Arnest Pan Pop Up Sandwich CutterThe kit comes with two parts, the brown cutter is for the shape cut out on the slice bread. It also comes with some convenient cutters of a bow-tie, heart and crown.

The white pieces are the different inprints for the characters which you just have to press on the slice bread after cutting.

The features of panda were drawn on using homemade chocolate custard and I added a carrot bow tie to the pop-up sandwich.

Panda Sandwich Bento (1)As I have fallen ill (been coughing very badly), I was really drowsy from the medicine and only could manage a simple breakfast bento.

I remembered that I have this cutter and decided to use it together to make this Panda Sandwich Bento.

Panda Sandwich Bento (3)The side dishes for today’s bento was a healthy choice, since I will need all the vitamins and antioxidants to boost my recovery. So I included some yogurt and fresh fruits.

To make the panda yogurt, I used blue berries for the ears and the features were drawn on using some homemade chocolate custard.

Tomorrow is public holiday here in Singapore, are you having a holiday too~ enjoy the break!

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  • Jean (Bentodays)
    October 27, 2014

    Very cute! I’ve been considering this cutter, maybe will get it after all!

  • 婉婉下午茶
    October 21, 2014

    Love it!!especially the panda yogurt!!You’re sooo creative.
    Get well soon~要多喝水哦^^