Pikachu Bento

Pikachu BentoMade Pikachu Bento since we are anticipating the opening of Pokemon Cafe. Not sure if I will finally get time to visit the cafe, so I decided to make my own bento ahead of time. Read more about the Pokemon Cafe here.

Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog. Will do my best to post up all my backlog soon.

For Pokemon theme, of course I have to make Pikachu. I also made two small Pokemon balls – cute?

I did not have time to take a recipe video today, but I took 2 shots of the process, hope it helps illustrate how I create the layers for Pikachu character in this Pokemon bento.


  • egg sheet (I used yolks only so that the yellow is brillant)
  • sushi seaweed
  • ham and crabstick
  • egg white


  1. First trace and draw out the Pikachu design on baking paper using food safe pen. Cut out the parts and lay them on your egg sheet.
  2. Using a small sharp cutting knife, cut the parts for Pikachu. You will need to create the layers to create a more 3-D effect.
  3. Then remove and arrange them in your bento. Add the details for Pikachu’s eyes/nose (seaweed), mouth (ham), cheeks (crabstick, red layer), and marks on tail/body (seaweed). You can dab a little mayonnaise to help the parts stick to the egg sheet.

IMG_6273 IMG_6274

For the Pokemon balls, I simply halved a cherry tomato and assemble them with half a hard boiled quail egg, added a strip of seaweed and a circle of slice cheese!

And finally~~ I can use my Pokemon ball Bento box! So cute right??

I bought them in Hong Kong SOGO when I went there to conduct bento lesson. Been sitting in my cupboard for some time, haha.

Hope you like my Pikachu Bento!

Pikachu Bento 2


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