Red Riding Hood Bento

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Red Riding Hood Bento (2)Red Riding Hood Bento.

Another new addition to my fairytale bento series that I restarted again this year.

This time, its red riding hood and the big bad wolf!

After the Snow White and Dwarf Bento post earlier on, many on Instagram and Facebook have been giving me great suggestions and requests for the different fairytales. I hope I will be able to make all of them! I will do my best. Red Riding Hood Bento (3)

A simple bento and rather small serving size as I cooked a huge pot of soup today and wanted to reduce the amount of carbs for lunch.

To make red riding hood and the big bad wolf, here are the ingredients

Red Riding Hood

  • Red egg sheet (red hood, cape)
  • rice coloured with some teriyaki sauce and ketchup (head/body)
  • seaweed (hair, eyes)

Big Bad Wolf

  • rice + ground black sesame (head)
  • seaweed (mouth, eyes)
  • slice cheese + seaweed (nose)
  • red egg sheet (tongue)

Red Riding Hood Bento (1)The side dishes for today’s Red Riding Hood bento included some broccoli, cherry tomato, lettuce, sweet peas and a mini buffalo drumstick.

I also added an edible flower, so cute right? Bought a pack of these edible yellow chrysanthemum flowers from Isetan supermarket.

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