Rilakkuma Omu Curry

IMG_3985Made Rilakkuma Omu Curry rice today! Loving this foodart as this is not only easy to make but also really yummy!

Check out that Omu egg!!  This is a style of cooking fluffy egg omelette that is served with rice in Japan.

I needed something quick this morning, so decided to make myself this Rilakkuma Omu Curry foodart.

Plus it also allows me to finish up the leftover rice from yesterday by cooking the fried rice. The fried rice is then packed into my Rilakkuma rice mold and then plated.


I then heated up some Melon Japanese curry that I bought from LOFT @ Shibuya.

What I am actually most proud of in today’s foodart creation is the Japanese omu! You might not know this, I have experimented at home for several times before this, before managing to get it right and flipping the egg in the pan without having to clean up the floor. hahah

The egg is so so yummy! Lots of butter into the pan before cooking the egg.. yummmmmssss

I used 2 eggs for this mini omu, if you like a larger serving, you might want to use 3 eggs instead (but I didn’t want to eat 3 eggs in one seating. ) and of course lots of butter.

Do you like Omu curry Rice too? This is actually one of my favourite item when I visit the curry rice shops in Japan.


Using my new Kate Spade plate that I bought. I love the Monochrome colours with the black white borders. So to match the theme, I also added two black white stripe pasta which is available at Mustafa.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!

Forgot to take a cut up (to show the fluffy insides ) of the omu egg, will do that next time when I make this again. heheh.


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