Rose Choya Dessert and Winifredkristecake Classic Rose workshop

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Rose Choya Dessert (2)I had a hard time giving a name for this creation… rose… choya…umeshu..dessert? I eventually made do with Rose Choya Dessert.

This plate of deconstructed dessert was inspired by the really awesome Classic Rose and Flower Arrangement Workshop conducted by the talented @winifredkristecake  as well as the invited CHOYA cooking session, both that  I attended.

So I decided to make this dessert plate that features a Rose theme, as well as Choya theme via the umeshu (Choya) pound cake and pickled daikon using umeshuu (Choya) as well as food arranged beautifully with the flora theme.

I will blog more about the Choya Umeshu session later on. Rose Choya Dessert (3)

First more about this Rose Choya dessert plate. It comprises of

  • slice of Choya umeshu pound cake
  • yogurt
  • plum (arranged as roses)
  • grapes
  • pickled daikon cubes
  • slice japanese cucumber

It was pretty fun to sometimes not make kawaii food but just pretty food. And this was pretty fast too, I had extra time to prepare and dress up before leaving the house. haha.

Winifred has been supporting me on Instagram and that how we got to know each. Have been wanting to support her and also learn something new.

I have had some very basic experience in working with gum paste to create sugar flowers, but her class was different. It was really wonderful to be in a small group setting and I love her style of flowers.

Very delicate, elegant and realistic.

Winifred was also super clear in her instructions in making the flowers. I think all of us had so much fun.

Check out of the action that took place in class:

IMG_3451Sugar Flowers Rose (1) Sugar Flowers Rose (5)

My rose :) work in progressSugar Flowers Rose (4)

My final creation :) *feeling proud!

And we also got to taste of the delicious bakes by her.

Sugar Flowers Rose (3) Sugar Flowers Rose (2)

Her classes are known to book out fast, so fast fingers!! Check out her site here.

I am super looking forward to Sunday! Will be meeting up with my close friends in the blogging community, our #mehmehgang gathering and this round it will be me hosting the makan session. (stressed)

Preparations start tonight! hahah

Have an awesome weekend everyone. Rose Choya Dessert (1)

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