Sakura Udon

Sakura Udon (1)Sakura Udon for breakfast!

After a huge dinner last night, I wanted something light for my breakfast. Here I cooked some sakura udon, serving with dipping sauce as well as tamagoyaki with edamame beans.

Aren’t all the sakura products the most romantic and beautiful?

These pink sakura udon was bought at a spring fair held at Isetan. Recently it has come back again, today is the last day of the fair. Do head down to Isetan Scotts soon!

I absolutely adore Sakura season~ 2013 was my first experience of ohanami – sakura viewing in Japan.

photo 1 (7)

Sakura viewing remains to be one of life’s most enjoyable experiences.

The beautiful sakura flowers and weather makes you want to go to the parks everyday. In fact, that was what I did almost on a daily basis. I will wake up at 6 plus and head over to the park after washing up. photo 4 (5)

The nearest parks/gardens from where I stayed in Asakusa was the Sumida River and the Ueno Park. Both of them are gorgeous during sakura season, with rows of sakura blooming trees lining up the park.

During spring time, one can also find in Japan many limited edition food, pastries and sweet.

And Haagen Dazs Japan  has been known to retail exclusively during this period their sakura ice cream.Haagen Dazs Sakura

I also found a neat trick to cook the udon while keep them together as a neat bunch!  This makes it perfect for plating and presentation after.

Using cooking thread, I tied a bunch of the noodles together, at one far end .

And cooked the noodles. After draining the cooked noodles, I cut off the tied end with a knife, and do the arrangement on the plate. Sakura Udon (2)

And here is a throwback on some of the sakura theme food / bento creations I have made in the past.

Click on the images to bring you to the individual blog post.




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