Sleeping Snoopy Bento

Snoopy BentoSleeping Snoopy Bento. Perfect for that lazy Monday morning~~~

Its so funny when I was reading some Snoopy comic strips and realised how much Snoopy loved Zzz so much, its hilarious!

Check out these strips!

think about sleeping sleeping snoopy sleeping is important sleeping is busyYes indeed, Snoopy is probably Zzz on Monday mornings too. Kind of my mood.

Then again, it has been a tiring and satisfying weekend as I worked hours on the final stages of my second upcoming cookbook. Going to print end of this month!!

Can’t wait to share more with you. In the meantime, please do check out my first cookbook on kawaii bento recipes here.

First lets go back to this cute Snoopy Bento creation.

Snoopy is shaped from rice and the details were added on using seaweed. It is really easy as the ingredients is so simple. Snoopy Bento


Over here I also made Linus, happily asleep with his security blanket. Linus is one of the key characters in Peanuts comic strip, a best friend of Charlie’s and is known to always carry his security blanket around.

Linus like Snoopy character was made from rice. I coloured the rice a little using some teriyaki sauce. His hair and features were cut from seaweed using a small scissors, again just like for Snoopy.

His security blanket is actually omelette. left the egg a little runny as I cooked it since I prefer the taste this way and it lends itself to the look of a security blanket.Linus Snoopy Bento

The side dishes included baked black pepper chicken wings, sauteed snappeas with carrots, some ribbon pasta pieces, lettuce.

Packed this in my black+blum bento from Bento&co.

You might also noticed the super cute latte art using Deco Latte Art sheets. Something that came into the market in Japan late last year.

I blogged about the deco latte sheets earlier here.

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