Snoopy Bento

Snoopy Bento (3)

Wanted to make a Snoopy Bento today. For this kyaraben, I made little ‘bread’ tarts and cute Snoopy and Woodstock bread pieces.

Since I was going to eat  a salad lunch today, so I decided to pack a cute breakfast bento instead.

I have made several Snoopy bento before, but they were more of Japanese bento style, in which rice was the main carbs used in the bento.

Snoopy Bento (1)The Snoopy and Woodstock bread pieces were cut using the Snoopy theme rice moulds I bought from Kinokuniya (Liang Court) some time back.

Instead of using rice, I simply use the moulds on a thick slice of bread to cut out the shapes.

For Woodstock, I dipped the bread pieces in some egg, milk and sugar and cook on the pan, making French toast. The features for Snoopy and Woodstock were pipe on using homemade dark chocolate custard.

Snoopy Bento (2)

The main dish in this bento are the little ‘bread’ tarts.

I simply rolled out some bread pieces, lay them on a brioche tins and baked them till crisp and browned. I then piped in some homemade custard and added some fruits including strawberries and Zespri kiwis.

I hope you are having a great mid-week. It has been a super busy and rather long week for me, am telling myself to hang in here!

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  • 婉婉下午茶
    October 15, 2014

    Wow!! sooo lovely and yummy!!

  • kwbentodiary
    October 15, 2014

    aww….cuteness overload!!! Yummy!