Snoopy and Woodstock Bento

Snoopy Woodstock Bento (1)It has been sometime since I made a Snoopy theme bento. Today it is Snoopy and Woodstock Bento.

Do you need a hug? I think I do!! Heheh Snoopy giving Woodstock a warm hug~~

Quite happy with the way the bento turned out and my new Magewappa Hina bento box from Bento&co was a perfect size for today’s bento!


The Magewappa Hina is a 2-tier bento wood oval box crafted by highly skilled artisans using traditional methods.

Many of you might know that I have quite a number of magewappa bento boxes.  I love the impeccable make and finishing of these magewappa bento boxes. In addition, the wood allows rice to ‘breathe’, keeping the rice soft and taste good even when cooled.

Today’s Snoopy and Woodstock Bento design was inspired by my new bento picks that I bought at Kiddy Land in Tokyo. I was happy that I finally got my hands on Snoopy design bento picks! I have not been able to get any before.

Snoopy Woodstock Bento (3)Using Japanese rice, I shape the rice into the head, body and hands of Snoopy. The features were made using seaweed.

For Woodstock, I used mashed potato with some yellow food coloring added. Similarly,  the features of Woodstock were also made using seaweed.

I love how they are hugging~~awww~~~

Snoopy Woodstock Bento (2)The side dishes included sauteed sweet peas with mushrooms, sauteed prawns with egg. I added some carrot pieces that I cut with my star-shape cutter and of course, my new Snoopy bento picks to skewer the edamame beans.

I even lined my bento box with some Snoopy print wax paper. Also check out the cute Snoopy chopstick rest~ :D

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  • 婉婉下午茶
    November 18, 2014

    Awww adorable!!我也要抱抱^^