SpongeBob Bento

SpongeBob Bento (4)This is my first (omg) SpongeBob bento.

I must say that I am more a Japanese anime person, so I havent quite got around to making this character, SpongeBob from the American animation television series SpongeBob SquarePants screened on Nickelodeon.

The series of course revolves around the the key character SpongeBob and his underwater friends including his bestie Patrick Star. Living in a sea pineapple, he has a pet snail named Gary and works as a cook at Krusty Krab, a diner known for their burgers.

Inspired by the really cool Pineapple flavoured Pretz sticks (gift from a good friend – Cheesie @cheesieland), and the pineapple chopsticks rest, I decided to make SpongeBob and Patrick Star Bento. SpongeBob Bento (2)

Ingredients used for SpongeBob:

  • rice + egg = body/hands/nose
  • crabstick (white layer) = shirt
  • crabstick (red layer) = red tie
  • kanpyo (seasoned gourd) = brown pants
  • rice + seaweed = shoes
  • hard boiled egg + blue colouring +seaweed = eyes
  • seaweed = mouth

Ingredients used for Patrick Star

  • rice + pink sushi mix = body/arms
  • egg white + seaweed = eyes
  • seaweed = eyebrows/mouthSpongeBob Bento (5)

The side dishes for today’s SpongeBob Bento included sauteeed french beans with asparagus and carrots, pan seared tofu squares with shiitake mushrooms and some lettuce.

To match the theme, I also finally got to use my burger bento picks!

If you are a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants, I certainly hope you would like this bento and also be inspired to make one.

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