Tanoshii Wagashi – Ichigo Daifuku

ichigo daifuku (1)I made Ichigo Daifuku again!

This time instead of matcha bean paste, I used the traditional tsubuan (azuki bean paste) with the strawberries for the Daifuku sweets.

I didn’t use my own recipe this round, instead I followed the Ichigo Daifuku recipe from Yamashita Masataka’s latest book – Tanoshii Wagashi.

ichigo daifuku

The daifuku was yummy! And I think that I am getting better at wrapping these daifuku mochi too.

If you have not heard of Yamashita Masataka’s latest book, Tanoshii Wagashii, then you might have heard of his earlier baking book titled Tanoshii. In Tanoshii Wagashii, Yamashita-san has put together easy to follow recipes to make delightful Japanese confections, also known as wagashi.

tanoshii wagashi by Yamashita

These wagashi sweests are perfect with a cup of tea~~ or as pretty gifts and gatherings.

I was so happy when I received this recipe book and really liked how Yamashita-san shared the basics in making Japanese sweets including how to make bean paste, as well as the step by step pictures.tanoshii wagashi (2)

Remember how many of you asked me about shiro-an – white bean paste? This book teaches you how to make your own shiro-an bean paste.

This book ($32 excluding GST) is now available at all major bookstores in Singapore. More about this book here.

ichigo daifuku (2)

Just want to eat? Haha

You can also go to Yamashita-san’s own patisserie here in Singapore. He sells one of the best Japanese cakes in town at Chef Yamashita.

I love his cakes! Read my review post here.


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