Teddy Bear Sushi

Teddy Bear Sushi Kawaii (1)Teddy Bear Sushi for you today!

I received some delicious koshihikari japanese rice from Thinkrice.sg and decided to make these Teddy Bear sushi. Best way to enjoy excellent Japanese rice.

Nothing beats these freshly milled Japanese rice. Thinkrice.sg is currently the only seller in Singapore that mills the rice upon order and ensure that they are delivered and sold within 2 weeks of the milling. Plus they are competitive in pricing and more value for money as compared to the supermarkets.

Personally my favourite is their Uonuma Koshihikari rice, voted as the most popular rice in Japan. uonuma-koshihikari-rice-5kg


Located in the south of Niigata Prefecture, Uonuma region is known for its pristine water and dramatic weather changes that is excellent for producing the best Japanese rice.

Each rice grain plump, whole, and smooth.


Have a look behind the scenes at their factory here.

Talking about Japan…4 more days before I head back to Japan~~~ so super excited!

I have a few more ideas and hope to make and post them before I leave. Will be in Japan for over 2 weeks, do stay tuned to my Instagram for updates on my Japan travelogue and cute food (I have some cute food in my archive to post!).

Teddy Bear Sushi Kawaii (3)

For today’s Teddy Bear Sushi, it was made from hard boiled quail eggs, smoked salmon and sushi rice.

The details of the teddy bear was added on using sushi seaweed.

To colour the eggs, I seasoned the eggs in a soy mixture of dashi, soy sauce, sugar, mirin and sake. Very yummy. Similar to how I season my ramen eggs when I made noodles.

Teddy Bear Sushi Kawaii (4)Plated them on my sushi board set from Bento & Co.

I use this quite a fair bit, am sure some of you would have noticed by now. I like the size and it is perfect for hosting (I actually bought 4 of them ;P).

Now which Teddy Bear Sushi do you like the most?

The sleeping one, the butt up one or the one rolled up in a maki roll? hahhah.

I had fun conceptualising and making these kawaii teddy bear sushi!

Teddy Bear Sushi Kawaii (2)

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  • kwbentodiary
    November 3, 2015

    Beautiful and neat Teddy Bear sushi as always ^_^