The Provision Shop at Everton Park

Seems like Everton Park is becoming a hipster location with the establishment of many trendy cafes and joints. 

One of the recent addition at this estate late last year, The Provision Shop at Everton Park, is a deli/gourmet cafe with a menu of salads, sandwiches, cakes and homemade ice cream.

For those of you who are not familiar with Everton Park. It is along Cantonment Road/Neil Road, and accessible from Outram Park mrt exit E (near NE purple line) – just a 5 mins plus walk. 

Known to get very crowded during the weekends, I tried my luck and went earlier to try to beat the crowd, it worked! Maybe because most want to sleep in during the weekends instead of waking early, or it could just be my lucky day!

The crowd did come in after I started on my meal and was already pretty busy by the time I left (Which was before lunch hour!). 

The set up is awesome! It has a certain old school charm juxtaposed with a modern touch. I even spotted a pulley operated milo tin can! There is also a cute row of tiny children size chairs outside the store. I think they are probably for queueing/waiting purposes. 

The interior set up comprises of kopitiam type of traditional tables, wooden stools/chairs, tin cans for cutlery and old-time glasses holding your sugar cubes on the tables. 

The Provision Shop is supposed to be known for their sandwiches and salad, so I decided on a Ham & Brie Sandwich and a Soup of the Day (Mushroom Soup) for my meal (ya i know, I eat too much :P). 

Ham & Brie Sandwich ($14)
You might think that this is some normal ham and cheese sandwich but you will be terribly wrong. I was very impressed by the combination of the ham and brie on the perfectly grilled multi-grain bread together with the tangy sweet cherry jam, and you also get that zest kick from the mustard sauce towards the end of your mouthful. 

Very delicious and I like how the different layers of taste come together. The serving was large for me, I think my hubby will love this place for the generous serving. 

One thing to note, is their homemade coleslaw. Very well prepared. A combination of vegetables such as purple cabbage, cabbage, carrots tossed in sesame oil. Yums!

Soup of the Day – Mushroom Soup ($5)
There is only one word to describe this! – absolutely delicious. Okay. that was 2 words. :P This soup was bursting with mushroom flavour, while there wasn’t large chunky mushroom bits, you could definitely taste the tiny bits of mushroom in the soup. While the soup was creamy, it actually felt so light on the tongue. 
I swear that I could have two bowls of this in one sitting (okay, if I didnt order another main). 
Both the food items had a really nice homemade touch to the taste, while exquisite in its flavour at the same time
Drinks, Desserts and Service
I had the most warm and delightful service by Eric Ong who was manning the store with his colleagues. Several times he asked if everything was okay with my food – unfinished sandwich and drink (I was super full and really could not finish the food). 
The food were all served prompt, warm and presentation was perfect. 
On hearing that I preferred a non-caffeine hot drink, Eric kindly prepared a hot chocolate drink for me (it was not in the menu!) – thank you very much. There was even cute latte art. 
I overhead him saying to another customer (whom he also prepared a drink with latte art) “To cheer up your Sunday morning”. How sweet is that?
Well.. I was full, but could not resist not trying out their homemade desserts. I had 2 scoops of ice cream – the Sea Salt Vanilla and Black Forest flavours. 
The Sea Salt Vanilla was creamy and had a sweet vanilla flavour, the sea salt flavour was mild. But good for me since I don’t really like salty desserts :P.
The Black Forest ice cream will charm those who love dark chocolate, it is not too sweet and you can definitely taste the fragrance of the chocolate. 

My overall verdict? This is definitely worth a visit and re-visits. I can’t wait to try the other items on their menu. 

My whole experience had been nothing but wonderful, felt like I could just sit in the cafe the whole day. ahhh…. the wonders of weekend.

Plus there is NO service charge and GST (how awesome!), though please leave a nice tip for the staff if you enjoy the service there :) 

Spearheaded by Anthony Cheng, Cocotte’s head chef, the menu here is tight but very well thought out. :) 

I also found out in my revisit trip that they make their own pasta. Amazing! Must give their pasta a try the next time. Check this out, they were drying their handmade pasta!

Have you tried The Provision Shop too? Let me know your thoughts. 

The Provision Shop at Everton Park
Facebook page (here)
Blk 3 Everton Park #01-79, Singapore 080003
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturdays (10am to 8pm)
Sunday (9am to 6pm)
Tel: 62259931

Blog post disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The drinks and dessert were kind compliments of The Provision Shop. I paid for rest of the orders. All views expressed are my own.