ThinkRice, Freshly milled Japanese rice in Singapore, Direct from the Factory

ML215025Being a huge fan of Japanese rice /Japonica rice, and a heavy user of that, I was thrilled and excited when premium rice seller, and the online Singapore Japanese rice brand ThinkRice invited me to an exclusive tour of their factory.

Partly also because I am a huge fan of the rice that they are selling. So so delicious!!!

To see what exactly you might ask?

Super high quality, freshly milled Japanese rice here in Singapore.ML215010

What is good Japanese rice? Apart of the type of rice species, the cooked rice should have that natural sweetness that dwells in the mouth, mild fragrance and plumb moistness.

For me, I can enjoy a good bowl of Japanese rice just by itself. Or when paired with vegetables fish and a hot bowl of miso soup.

I recalled in one of my interviews, I also shared that a bowl of rice will be last meal of choice.


If you think that rice is not healthy, then you ought to know that cooked Japanese rice actually composed of about 60% water. That means the level of calories absorbed by the body is less than eating a 200 grams of bread when you take a serving of rice.

The stickiness also gives Japanese rice the unique taste. Moreover, due to its sticky texture, Japanese rice will need longer time to be processed by the stomach, thereby keeping your stomach satisfied longer.

Of course, you can also choose to consume Japanese brown rice instead of white rice if you preferred.

So lets check out ThinkRice‘s factory!

All their unpolished Japonica rice is imported from Japan by air conditioned cargo shipment to ensure freshness through the importing process.


All these raw rice is then stored in a specialised room where the temperature and humidity are constantly monitored to ensure that

freshness of the raw rice does not deteriorate.  倉庫4

Woo hoo, just check this out.

They even have such cute packaging for the rice!IMG_2542

ThinkRice also the one and only in Singapore that uses a AVA-certified milling process. It involves a 7 steps quality check process to ensure impurities removed resulting in that perfect pack of Japanese rice.

1 (1)

The impurities are first removed by using the optical color sorter, which is able to sort out any bad rice and impurities.

Smaller rice bits and broken rice are also removed to ensure only the highest grade of rice are achieved.


These are regarded as bad rice too. Broken rice bits~~~ really only retaining high quality premium rice grains

This explains why each of their grains are so pretty, plump and delicious looking and perfectly milled.

Just look at their rice grains!! Major love.


Did you also know that ThinkRice only mills the rice here upon orders received?

Their policy is to only deliver rice that is milled locally, within a 3-14 days after milling period to ensure the freshness and quality of their product.


IMG_7317IMG_7316KumamotoIMG_7318 IMG_7320

In most of the other Japanese rice sold here in Singapore, the rice has been milled in Japan before being sent here.

The problem with this is that the oxidization and drying process of the rice actually begins  immediately after milling. The quality and

freshness of the rice deteriorates over time.

And most of the time, some of these rice may be stocked for some time before it goes off the shelves.I must say that I am impressed by the quality of their Japanese rice, and what also surprised me was their competitive pricing. In fact, much better than at the supermarkets here.

Check out ThinkRice’s online store here.

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THINKRICE – imports rice from different regions in Japan. This includes areas such as Uonoma, Niigata and Hokkaido. They have 1kg, 2kg and 5kg packaging catered for different types of rice.

Blog post disclaimer: This is not a sponsored posting with no monetary compensation received. All views expressed are my own. 

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