Totoro Sausages for Bento

Totoro Bento (1)

2 years ago, I made Totoro Sausages for the first time. I even forgot to include whiskers in the final creation then. Now that I looked back at them, hahah I think they were not very well made. haha

Fast forward 2 years now, I am now happy with my Totoro sausages creation today and excited  to share the bento tutorial with you.

Totoro Sausage Bento

Totoro character is definitely a hot favourite among many people, not just bento makers but different people all around the world. Totoro comes from the famous Japanese animation film, My Neighbour Totoro directed by the now retired Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. There is even a Ghibli Museum in Japan – so want to go!

Today I cooked asari clams pasta with mushrooms and some chinese leek. Seasoned with some butter, garlic, chilli, parsley, sea salt – this simple pasta is so yummy. I decided to make two Totoro sausages to add some cuteness to my lunch.

I also packed some fruits including strawberries and fresh figs to go along with the bento.

Hope you like the Totoro Sausages and the bento tutorial below ^^

Totoro Sausages for Bento tutorial
-Bento Tutorial-

Totoro Sausages


  • small sausage (I got mine from GoGo Franks)
  • slice cheese
  • seaweed


  • small scissors
  • round cutters
  • seaweed punch/nori punch


(1) Press the big round cutter on the sausage to make a slight indented mark. Then use a small sharp scissors to cut out the circle thin layer of the sausage.

(2) Punch and cut slice cheese into circle using the cutter

Totoro Sausage Bento Tutorial (1)

(3) Place the slice cheese on the sausage from step 1 and wrap tightly with cling wrap. This step helps the cheese mold to the sausage and fit perfectly with the cut out circle.

Totoro Sausage Bento Tutorial (3)

(4) To the small circle layer cutouts from step 1, cut the ears of totoro. Make a slit about 1cm deep at the top of the sausage and slot it in.

Totoro Sausage Bento Tutorial (2)

(5) Cut the remaing parts of Totoro using slice cheese and seaweed. To cut the small curves and circles. I used seaweed/nori punch.

Point:  To cut the slice cheese for the eyes, you can use small straws or mini cutters

(6) Assemble the parts on the sausage. You can dab a little mayo to help the seaweed parts adhere better to the sausage.

Totoro Sausage Bento Tutorial (4)

Totoro Bento (3)

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